About Konektid

Throughout the decade Mike Shanley, Founder & CEO, worked in international aid, he saw great new ideas, approaches, and products, that were not always accessible to people in emerging markets. Mike founded Konektid in 2013 to connect great ideas and innovations with USAID projects. Konektid leverages deep industry experience and networks with USAID partners to help clients bring their work to emerging markets through USAID.

Konektid's team has experience working with USAID and their most successful partners, and we bring this expertise to our clients that want to start or grow their work with USAID. In addition to supporting prime implementers, we work with USAID subcontractors to design and implement USAID business development strategies, and with the private sector to help them better partner with USAID investments.

Since our founding, Konektid's team has worked with clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to small local partners in emerging markets, all looking to grow their work and partner with USAID. 

Our Name

In selecting Konektid (“connected”) as our name, we chose a phrase with a positive connotation across the 60+ diverse countries we operate in. “Konektid” comes from the Esperanto language, created in the 19th century to be a single language that bridges cultural and linguistic barriers. Konekti connotes connections and partnerships. The “id” at the end of Konektid comes from International Development and represents the unique value Konektid provides clients by leveraging international development resources to create new opportunities in emerging markets.

Where we work

We support work everywhere that USAID works. Visit the USAID website for a full list where the agency operates.




After serving in the Peace Corps in Ukraine, Mike Shanley spent more than a decade of his career working with USAID and its partners, leading business development and project management activities across five continents. He has designed and managed projects of up to $30 million for governments, businesses, and civil society organizations in more than 25 emerging markets. In 2013, he left Chemonics International, a large USAID implementing partner, to start Konektid with a goal to bring new approaches, innovations and products to USAID projects around the world. 

Mike balances regular travel to clients around the work with trail running and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. He speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.


Our Team of USAID Specialists

Konektid’s global team of USAID specialists can help you design and manage your USAID business development strategy. Our team is experienced in both USAID proposal development, as well as in building the capacity of business development teams and USAID partners to better work with USAID.

Konektid’s team has decades of experience working for USAID and the agency’s largest implementing partners. Our team has designed and managed billions of dollars of USAID programs and built a global network across nearly every country where the agency now works. The team is fluent in Spanish, French, Arabic, Georgian, and Russian languages.

We are positioned to rapidly mobilize our global team to meet your USAID needs.

Konektid’s team has helped us build strategic relationships with several of USAID’s largest implementing partners. They brokered partnering meetings with key individuals at these organizations, and before the meetings provided us with a thorough background on who we were meeting with and key talking points to focus on in the partnering discussions.
— Co-founder and President, US Small Business (SDVOSB)