Partnerships allow your company to leverage the billions of dollars USAID invests annually into the world's fastest growing markets, mitigate market entry risks through leveraged financing, deepen integration into the local market and improve local branding.

Konektid monitors USAID investments in your target sectors and countries, and identifies opportunities for your company to engage with select projects. We can then help you broker and manage strategic partnerships that meet your business goals. Our team has the experience and network to identify and broker partnerships that help solve your business challenges in emerging markets. USAID's former Administrator claimed private sector partnerships are the new model of development and the agency committed to working with the private sector. 

"We are excited about this latest landmark in our relationship with Walmart. Our global partnership is emblematic of USAID’s new model of development and our commitment to work with private sector companies to end extreme poverty around the world."- Rajiv Shah, Former USAID Administrator


Konektid is uniquely positioned to monitor investments from USAID in your target industry and geographic focus. We can then help you broker and manage strategic partnerships to leverage these investments. Partnerships can help businesses enter new markets, train local staff, build relationships with local organizations and government officials, improve local branding, and develop targeted products and processes. These projects also generate a positive social impact to be shared with your customers, shareholders, and employees.


how do partnerships benefit USAID?

USAID sees value in the expertise and resources the private sector can bring to its mission of creating opportunities and eliminating poverty around the world. USAID benefits from the private sector’s access to global supply chains and markets, the expertise of its staff, ability and incentive to scale successful local solutions and products, and financial resources.




Konektid's team has a deep understanding of USAID, its existing partners, and their strategies for partnering. We leverage this experience and our industry networks to identify specific opportunities for your company to access USAID investments through strategic partnerships. We start with your business challenges in emerging markets, and identify and design partnerships with USAID investments to provide solutions to these challenges.


It has been great working with Konektid’s team as we build our portfolio of USAID projects. They are well-connected experts in the USAID world, and are great people to work with.
— Principal Manager, large UK consulting firm